Take It With You When You Go To
An Urgent Health Care Visit
& When You Travel

  • Be prepared with items and information in the
    handy ER Tagalong bag.
  • This will help pave the way for an improved experience.
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Reduce Stress

Being in a stressful situation when you don’t feel well and may be alone can seem overwhelming. The ER Tagalong helps you to plan so you can have four beneficial elements to bring with you:

  • Important medical information you capture on the ER Tagalong Cards©
  • Some items, like sanitizing wipes, that you may want in a health care setting
  • Support items
  • A pouch to carry your things in, so you can grab and go

Key Features

6 x 8 Pouch big enough to carry some important items like your phone, a charger, earbuds, glasses

ER Tagalong Information Cards © you fill out to inform health care providers about your health

Comes pre-packaged with items you may use during your visit

  • Packaged mask
  • Two sanitizing wipes
  • Small zipper pouch for Rx
  • 3 x 4 inch sleeve for copies of wallet sized cards
  • ER Tagalong Information Cards© you fill out
  • Slender sleeve to put in two 4x6 pictures or cards
  • Suggestions and tips for information to share with the health care provider
  • Suggested list of items to bring with you


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