Our Story

We have always been interested in working to help make people’s lives better. From work and volunteer experiences in healthcare, education, and community support, the focus has been to help our community thrive. This can be in a local, regional, national or international arena.

The need for this came to the forefront as we noticed people trying to stay healthy in challenging times. Visiting an emergency room can seem like a formidable experience. It can be a very difficult experience when by oneself, feeling extremely stressed, ill or in pain, and possibly semi-lucid. Being prepared and having your healthcare information at hand, items to help keep you healthy, a container to put these items in, and something for support, can be vital when you need urgent care. You can have this with you at home, work, recreation, or vehicle. Take with you when you travel, in the U.S. or abroad. Everything you can do to support yourself can be to your advantage. We hope you use it in good health.


ER Tagalong does not offer medical or legal advice and we are not medical or legal professionals. For decisions or input as to how best to manage your health, or your legal health documents, please contact your health care provider and legal advisor. The ER Tagalong is a way to collect information to share with health care providers. You may be in a health care setting where you are without family or friends and you are not at your best due to physical limitations and/or emotional stress. Having information on hand that presents your health and indicates what you are like when you are not in an emergency situation may give a fuller picture of your health.


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