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If you order between 15 and 40 ER Tagalong™ bags in one purchase, shipped to the same address, you will receive one additional set of ER Tagalong Cards© for each bag ordered. This will automatically be included in your purchase.

Please see Terms of Use including Purchase Agreement, Shipping, and Disclaimer for more information.

If you wish to order more than forty or wish to ship to outside the U.S.A. please contact us by email at or call 1-301-795-0101 (9 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST). Website orders are only for shipping in the United States for 40 or fewer ERTagalong bags

‡ Up to one extra set of cards for each ER Tagalong™ bag at the time of orignal purchase.

*Please note products may not be exactly as pictured but will be comparable products depending upon supply availability

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Foreign Language ER Tagalong

ER Tagalong is also helpful if there is a language barrier. Useful for Travel or for non-English speaking people visiting or living in the U.S. You will need two sets. One in English and one in another language. Having both sets allows you and the health care provider to follow each other along as you review the information. Having this information in the language of the country you are visiting, or have just moved to, may give you some peace of mind.

Languages coming Soon

Check back in 2022 to see which of the following languages we have added


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